Wide view of Venice: Piazza San Marco - Riva degli Schiavoni


... elegance of the Nobles & Rich, of course

Pietro Longhi: "Colloquio fra Baute"
(Meeting among Bauta masks)
oil on canvas (1760) - detail

We have to take in consideration that being outside during Carnival time, in Venice, it's cold, and damp, and cold again.
February, March, end of winter, but usually quite miserable to hang around the city streets.

And if you lived in the XVI century, even in a rich Venetian house, you might be used to not being perfectly and comfortably warm.

But going outside, in the non-protected area of a damp city, you better take care of yourself.

So we see all these "Carnival outfits" being made of heavy tissue to protect your body from a few hours out in the open air, and some classic items are clearly noticeable.

Let's call it Venice Carnival Fashion Code, and it was a starting point for what people would wear in their everyday outside life, and Venetians have always been very picky about dressing, very classy and elegant.

There had been laws, at the time, trying to limit the use of elegant tissues, but to no avail, as it can be easily imagined.

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