Wide view of Venice: Piazza San Marco - Riva degli Schiavoni


?1571-1621 - Printer in Venezia and Padova
main activity years: 1589-1620

Carnival images are just a tiny example of his work, but he was the one tat created the imagery that was later used and re-used.

He basically worked printing images of the technology of the time.

Pietro Bertelli then came out in 1589-1592 with two volumes which were describing clothes and habits of Venice and others in his time (and a little before) "Diversarum Nationum Habitus (Clothing of Different Countries)", in which we can find all the Carnival imagery of the ancient times. Didn't find anything else, sorry.

Pietro was also the publisher of an early Agostino Carracci engraving, and published in 1589 a series of costume prints by Giacomo Franco with the title of "Habiti d'uomini et donne venetianae" and a series of maps of Italy entitled "Theatrum urbium italiacarum" in 1599.


Printer in Venezia and Padova
main activity years: 1600-1650

Most of the work of Pietro Bertelli about Carnival we appreciate thanks to his son Francesco, who operated in Padova about 40 Km from Venice.

With the book "Il carnevale italiano mascherato ..." he gives us quite a bit of nice imagery presenting Carnival in Venice, and represents his most important book, and from it I took most of the Bertelli images you will find on this website.

Regarding Carnival, he proposed the same imagery his father had created, sometimes adding a short commentary, or little changes in the images themselves.

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