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The Isabella character is certainly the most known among all female Lovers, due to the great intelligence and stage performance of Isabella Andreini - who received it and made hers forever - the Isabella role starting probably in 1578.

At the time in which the Commedia dell'Arte was a big hit, as much as in the ancient Greek Theater tradition, women did not perform on stage. So the novelty of having real women acting added to the appeal.

And Isabella Andreini was a great, famous and cherished actress, cultivated and a poet of considerable talent, and also quite daring on stage.
Gossip says that several times she took out or ripped her clothes on stage. Always motivated by the script, I can figure.

Anyway, as the old say goes:
"Tira più un pelo di figa che un carro di buoi."

You won't have me translate this one, though. Sorry, no way.

Color illustration by Maurice Sand - Isabella - year 1600
Maurice Sand - Isabella (year 1600)
engraving with hand coloring
Engraving of Isabella - 1577
Isabella (about 1577)
Detail from the "Recueil Fossard"
Possibly Vittoria degli Amorevoli or Isabella Andreini
Painting: "Innamorata" mask of the Renaissance - Probably Isabella Andreini
Anonymous Artist of the French school: "The Gelosi troupe in a play"
Oil on canvas (1580) - Portrayed here is possibly Isabella Andreini

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