Wide view of Venice: Piazza San Marco - Riva degli Schiavoni

PANTALONE the Venetian

Rich, Greedy, Lustful and Naïve

Jacques Callot: "Pantalone"
etching and engraving (1618-1620)

Pantalone is without doubt the real 100% Venetian mask.

It is reported that Pantalone was one of the first steady characters in the Commedia dell'Arte, since the beginning. He appears in a Canovaccio (vague plot outline) for a play represented at the Court of Bavaria (DE) in 1568.

The Pantalone character, in the Commedia dell’Arte representations, although being as usual very greedy, is gullible enough for being teased and taken advantage of from his “servant lovers” or male subordinates: servants, doctors, captains, whoever can get his precious money out of him.

François Bunel the younger: "Actors of the Commedia dell'Arte"
oil on canvas - (late 16th century)

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